Offshore Life Jackets
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Work Vests
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Ring Buoys and

Type IV Ring Buoys


Inspecting Your PFD
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Throw Line Bag

This is the best way to store throw line and have it deploy quickly and in an emergency. This Seahorse original was developed to help our customers
avoid the sloppy, haphazard way that throw lines are often stored in the field.
A coiled rope is more likely to tangle than our line, which is packed in the bag so that it flows out without tangles.

The bag is made of weather resistant fabric and features a loop that can be used to hang the bag with the ring. The line we use is highly visible yellow
3/8" (.95 cm) hollow braid polypropylene that floats and is spliced to the
inside of the bag. The line leader which is outside the bag is ultraviolet light resistant black polypropylene. The label has clear instructions and indicates
the amount of line inside (50', 90', 100' or 110').



Hanging Bracket

Aluminum three point brackets are available for 20", 24" and 30" ring buoys. Single point brackets fit all three sizes.



Ring Buoy Cover

Nylon/vinyl orange fabric protects your ring buoy from the elements, work place environment, etc. Prolongs the life of the buoy line. Available for 20", 24" and 30" ring buoys. Custom stenciling is available.



This non-corrosive whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle. Made of bright orange poly plastic, for easy location in low visibility, the whistle features both retainer clip and 36"  orange or black lanyard for secure attachment to the PFD.


Welders Work Vest Cover

Fire Resistant Fabric Cover for any work vest that is not Fire Resistant.

Ticket Boxes

These boxes are for use in relaying paperwork, documentation, electronics or any other item that will fit inside from vessel to vessel. They are buoyant and water resistant.


Short and Long Radio Pouches

Radio pouches are available in either short or long to accommodate radios, walkie-talkie’s, etc. They can be attached to the workvest, belt or tool belt in numerous ways. Comes with D-rings, snaps, Velcro and a loop. Made of Fire resistant fabric.



We provide both life preserver and ring buoy lights.

Visible for up to two miles, the lightweight light attaches easily to the ring buoy with a velcro strap.  Features a waterproof, corrosion-resistant case and easy, twist on/off control. Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). USCG approved.

Price and availability on request.

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